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Migraines and Other Headaches

PreventionLiking Yourself

If you didn't learn to value yourself as a young child, you may have trouble learning to like yourself now. A therapist (psychiatrist, psychologist, or clinical social worker) will be able to point out some of your self-defeating habits and help you change them for the better. You can also change the way that you view yourself on your own.

  • Affirmations: Instead of getting down on yourself, as people with chronic headaches tend to do, build yourself up. When you are going to sleep, waking up, walking, or riding in the car, repeat affirmations (positive statements) about yourself. Say them over silently or out loud: “People like me, and I like myself.” “I see great things in my future.” “With help, I can get control of my headaches.”
  • Assertiveness: Assertiveness training teaches you how to stand up for yourself. When sticking up for your rights, you don't have to be obnoxious or loud. Calm firmness will do the trick.

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