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Migraines and Other Headaches - Prevention - Avoiding Stress, Learning To Relax, Liking Yourself, Migraine Prevention Medications - Avoiding Headache Triggers, Staying in Shape, Herbs, Vitamins, and Minerals

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When it comes to headache prevention, there is good news and bad news. The bad news is that preventing your headaches may not be entirely possible. The good news is that prevention is definitely worth a try Work on the lifestyle changes listed below. They won't hurt and they may help. (Medications for headache prevention are listed last, because doctors prescribe them only for frequent and stubborn headaches.)

Avoiding Headache Triggers

Various influences combine to produce a headache. Headache “triggers” are internal or external forces that contribute to migraine in susceptible people. One person's triggers may not even bother another person. The goal is to determine your personal triggers.

Staying in Shape

See if exercising three or four times a week for at least twenty minutes a day boosts your headache-prevention threshold. Running, swimming, and playing basketball are all excellent ways to exercise, and doing activities that you enjoy will make you more likely to continue.

Herbs, Vitamins, and Minerals

If you want to try natural remedies for the prevention of migraines, be sure to check with your doctor first. Excessive doses of some herbal substances can do more harm than good. For example, high doses of Vitamin A can cause headaches. Natural may be best for some people, but even natural remedies have a potential for harm. Herbal remedies can cause side effects and may have a negative interaction with other drugs.

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