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Attention to foot education and care is especially important as people age. The National Institute on Aging reports high prevalence of lower extremity joint pain among older women. For those relating "severe" pain 17 percent was foot related.

The foot is a complex area consisting of twenty-six bones, thirty-three joints, and several ligaments, muscles, veins, arteries, and nerves. As a primary weight-bearing structure the foot is subject to more deforming forces than any other part of the body. It is estimated that the average person takes eight thousand to ten thousand steps a day and covers about 115,000 miles in an average lifetime. The aging process affects all areas of the foot. With the added insult of normal and abnormal stresses (i.e., shoes, weight bearing, walking, etc.) several foot problems commonly present or are worse in the older population. An outline of common foot deformities found in the aging foot follows.

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