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Foot - Proper Shoe Gear And Selection

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Shoes can both protect and deform. When selecting shoe gear it is important for the shoe to be comfortable at the time of purchase. Certain shoe materials will stretch with time but deformity forces placed on your foot can cause serious conditions. Shoes should be inspected for any areas of rubbing or tightness. It is best to use shoe size as a guide, shop in the middle of the day to account for possible swelling, and bring socks that are normally worn with the shoe. If a special insert or orthotic is worn it should be brought.

People with diabetes need to pay particular attention to the shoes they purchase. Due to their predisposition for neuropathy all shoes should be inspected for foreign objects or areas of irritation before wearing. Going barefoot should be avoided. In some cases special molded shoes are the best option for the diabetic foot. In the case of a short leg, special shoes with lifts may be required.

Feet play an important part in daily activities. As the older population ages, proper foot health will help to maintain quality of life. Keeping active is important and paying attention to and addressing foot ailments is a part of this. With a little prevention and modification and consistent attention, the elderly population should be able to maintain good foot health.



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