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Y Chromosome

Paternal Inheritance, Sex Chromosome Evolution And Peculiarities, Molecular Anthropology Using The Y ChromosomeSex Determination and Y Chromosome Genes

The diploid human genome is packaged within 46 chromosomes, as two pairs of 23 discrete elements, into all cells other than the haploid gametic egg and sperm cells. During the reproductive process, each parent's gametes contribute 22 nonsex chromosomes and either one X or one Y chromosome.

While SRY is the most dramatic gene affiliated with the Y chromosome, about thirty other genes have been identified. Some notable representatives include AZFa, b, and c, which are associated with spermatogenesis and male infertility, SMCY, associated with the immune response function responsible for transplantation rejection when male tissue is grafted to female tissue, and TSPY, which may play a role in testicular cancer.

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