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Educational Requirements

Educators at the K-12 level must have, minimally, a bachelor's degree in education. Often, however, they earn a degree in an academic subject and take master's level courses in education. Public school educators must pass a state-administered test, after which they receive certification allowing them to teach. Private schools may not require certification.

Educators at two-and four-year colleges usually have degrees in their area of specialization, but state certification is not required. Some two-year institutions may require master's or doctoral training in education in addition to a degree in an academic subject, but educators at the college level usually gain their teaching experience as teaching assistants. In some cases, an academic degree is not required to teach in a two-program, if the teacher has had enough experience working in the field for which students are to be trained. Four-year colleges expect their educators to hold a graduate degree, often a doctorate, and usually require a record of published research.

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