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Educator - Four-year College Faculty

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Educators at a four-year college must conduct publishable research, direct a laboratory, and mentor graduate students, in addition to teaching one to four undergraduate courses each semester or year. On first joining a faculty, educators typically receive the rank of assistant professor. On contract renewal, promotion to associate professor is the norm, with the rank of full professor being accorded upon achieving tenure.

Graduate student teaching assistants (TAs) are often available to assist the educator. TAs usually do all of the grading and supervise the lab classes. Four-year college educators also usually have the assistance of a laboratory technician.

To receive tenure, educators at this level must pass a review by a committee of their peers in their department, in which their success in research, publications, and teaching is evaluated. Most departments require their faculty to serve on one or more internal committees, and service on college-or university-wide committees may also be required, particularly of junior (non-tenured) faculty.

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