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Parental Obligations - Conclusion

Medicine EncyclopediaAging Healthy - Part 3Parental Obligations - An Argument Against Unlimited Support, An Argument For The Extended Moral Obligation To Adult Children And Grandchildren


As life expectancies increase families live together for many more decades than ever before. There are new problems and challenges that arise from a complex, highly technological, individualistic society. But there is also more time for families to enjoy each other's company, give mutual support, mend broken ties, and express love and gratitude. Within families the grandparent-adult child-grandchild relationship is unique. As more attention is focused on the ethics of family relationships, the moral obligations of older parents to help adult children rear grandchildren will be affirmed and appreciated. Many grandparents make sacrifices for their extended families and grandchildren; the nurturing influence of grandparents operates as a hidden force for human survival.



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