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Migraines and Other Headaches - Treatment and Relief - Alternative Treatments

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When we talk about treatments for migraines, we are talking about whatever works for you. You may want to seek out alternative treatments. This means that you may want to get treatment outside of a traditional physician's office. However, you could be making a serious mistake if you use only alternative treatments for headaches in the event of a life-threatening cause, such as a brain tumor.

Alternative approaches include acupuncture (the insertion of fine needles through the skin at specific points on the body) and acupressure (the use of pressure points at certain body sites). Other alternative therapies include aromatherapy (the use of aromatic oils to reduce stress), color therapy (the use of colored lights), dance therapy, hydrotherapy (the use of hot and cold water to relieve pain), hypnotherapy (using the unconscious mind to promote healing), and sound therapy (the use of music and other noises).

If you want to learn more about alternative treatments, you can find excellent books on the subject at any public library. Some of these titles are listed in the For Further Reading section at the back of this book.

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