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Dna Damage and Repair - Dna Damage, Base Modifications In Dna After Exposures, Detection Of Dna Damage, Consequences Of Dna Damage

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DNA is the master molecule and serves as the blueprint for the formation of all proteins and enzymes in every organism. The proteins then generate all the other substances in our cells. Thus, it is essential for reproduction, growth, and maintenance, and for sustaining normal living, that the DNA remains intact so that the genetic code can be read correctly. The stability and intactness of the DNA is a prerequisite for normal cellular functions, and there is good evidence that damage to the DNA can lead to cellular dysfunction, cancer and other diseases, or cell death. A major theory of aging holds that much of the aging phenotype (changes that can be observed) is caused by the gradual accumulation of DNA damage over a life span. DNA damage occurs at a high frequency due to metabolic processes and environmental factors such as various types of exposures and the intake of food and drugs. The prevention or repair of DNA damage is thus a major concern in biology and medicine.

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