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Thomas Hunt Morgan - Morgan's Legacy

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In 1915 Morgan, Bridges, Sturtevant, and Muller published The Mechanism of Mendelian Heredity, a highly influential textbook laying out the evidence for the chromosomal theory of heredity and illustrating their methods so others could apply them in further research. In 1928 Morgan moved to the California Institute of Technology to found the Division of Biology. Sturtevant and Bridges went with him. Five years later Morgan was awarded the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine for his work in genetics. He shared the prize money with Sturtevant and Bridges. Besides his own discoveries, Morgan's intellectual legacy includes the historically important researchers who trained with him, including Theodosius Dobzhansky, who applied the new genetics to an understanding of evolution. Another of his students was George Beadle, who discovered that mutations affect the working of proteins, and proposed the "one gene-one enzyme" definition of the gene.

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