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Adults of all ages often wonder about their memory—how it works or does not work, why one remembers some things but not others, and whether memory skills will change over the life course. The term "metamemory" refers to such cognitions about memory—thinking about how, why, and whether memory works. Specific aspects of metamemory include knowledge of memory functioning, insight into memory changes or impairment, awareness of current memory processes, beliefs about and interpretations of memory skills and demands, and even memory-related affect. This entry features an overview of the concept of metamemory and how it applies to aging. The view of metamemory presented here is useful when considering both basic (e.g., how memory and metamemory change and relate to one another in aging) and applied (e.g., the role metamemory may play in compensating for memory impairments and decline) research questions.

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over 5 years ago

Interesting..never new the memory processes was that complicated.
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over 5 years ago

In recent decades the concept of metamemory has been the topic of considerable attention in a variety of neighboring domains of psychological research and practice. The range of both the substantive interests and the theoretical perspectives of the researchers is notable, for they span numerous "disciplines" of the psychological sciences. Five such disciplines are briefly noted here.…