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Migraines and Other Headaches

Classifying Migraine HeadachesMigraine Myths

You may have heard things about the causes of migraine that are not true. Remember that when you talk about having a “migraine,” you are talking about a specific type of headache, not just an aching head. The following are some common myths about migraines.

Myth: Sinus trouble causes migraine headaches.

Fact: A sinus infection may cause a headache, but probably not a migraine.

Myth: Eye strain causes migraine headaches.

Fact: Eye strain is unlikely to cause migraine headaches or other headaches.

Myth: Allergies cause migraine headaches.

Fact: A migraine headache is not an allergic reaction, and allergies are rarely a cause of migraine headaches.

Myth: If you get a lot of migraine headaches, you probably have a brain tumor.

Fact: Brain tumors cause a very small percentage of headaches. Also, migraine headaches occur in cycles. A brain tumor usually causes a headache that gets progressively worse over time.

In short, headaches manifest themselves in many ways. The more information you can provide your doctor about the circumstances in which you experience the headache, and the other symptoms occurring with it, the more easily your doctor can diagnose the type of headache you are experiencing. Then he or she can suggest appropriate treatment.

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