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Home Health Therapies

Benefits Of Home Care

Home health care or "home care" offers many advantages to patients, particularly older adults. For the chronically ill and disabled, home care allows the patient to live at home—a home that is usually familiar and comfortable. Studies show that patients recuperating from an acute illness or accident recover faster in a home environment. At home, family and friends can play a vital role in the person's recovery process and mental well-being. What is more, home care gives an older adult a sense of independence by offering an important measure of control over day-to-day events.

Home care improves the quality of care provided and increases patient satisfaction. When it is available, patients often have shorter stays in inpatient settings. Home care ensures a safe discharge to the home while providing continuity of care.

The comparably low cost of home care is another benefit. In 1998, the average Medicare cost for a home visit from a professional nurse was $93, which makes it an economical alternative compared to inpatient hospitalizations and nursing home stays. Combined with good outcomes and high quality, the cost of home care can make it a practical and favored option for many people.

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