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Geriatric Assessment Unit

Special Geriatric Assessment Unit Locations

Outpatient clinic. Community-based outpatient clinics often provide easy access for older adults. Services such as X-ray and laboratory testing are readily available. It appears that some older adults try harder on memory testing in a clinic-type setting.

Inpatient hospital. Being assessed while hospitalized makes it more difficult for patients to perform at their best since they are already ill. However, all medical services, including laboratory testing and relevant professionals, are available to help make a diagnosis.

Senior housing communities. Providing a GAU within a housing community for older adults provides a comfortable relaxed environment and eliminates transportation problems. The professional team often coordinates easily with home health care services and is aware of the older adult's home environment and thus can better recommend needed in-home care services.

In summary, GAUs review with focused consideration the older adult's entire health and living situation. Mental health professionals are then able to plan a course of action with the older adult, the family, and primary care doctors, insuring the best possible health, continued independence and, hopefully, avoidance of health crises.



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