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Technical Writer

Entering The Profession

In addition, technical writing is a profession that pays well. According to a 2000 salary survey by the Society for Technical Communication, the average salary for a technical writer in the United States. is about $52,000. An entry-level technical writer makes about $37,000, which compares favorably with entry-level positions in other fields. The average salary for a senior-level technical writer with supervisory responsibilities is about $65,000. Salary level also depends on geographic location, level of education, and years of experience in the technical writing field. People interested in seeking employment as technical writers should pursue volunteer and internship opportunities, develop a portfolio of their work to show potential employers, check classified advertisements and company Web sites for job openings, write directly to personnel departments, and/or sign up with a job placement agency that specializes in information technology.


Cindy T. Christen


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