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Technical Writer

Challenges, Advantages, And Drawbacks

Some challenges need to be considered when thinking about a career as a technical writer. For example, a person may have to invest considerable time and money to acquire the knowledge and skills needed. Also, it can be difficult to gain entry-level experience. Technical writing is typically a sedentary profession that does not involve travel. At the same time, it is a demanding profession that can take time and energy away from other, more creative writing pursuits. Working for a company with an established set of document guidelines can be frustrating, and the profession is sometimes criticized for being dry and unimaginative.

Generally, however, the outlook for technical writers is bright. Technical writing is a job growth area: More jobs are being created than are being filled, particularly in the high technology industry. Once employed, a technical writer works on a wide variety of projects, many of which represent the cutting edge of science and technology. The field is supportive of female professionals; more than half of all technical writers are women. While a majority of technical writers are between the ages of twenty-five and forty-four, about 20 percent are over fifty-five years.

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