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Case Management

Definition, History, Integrating Health Care, Case Management In Medicare, Consumer-directed Care

Case management in health and social service programs for older adults has evolved since the 1970s. This evolution reflects a changing public policy environment, a clearer appreciation of the challenges of living with chronic illness faced by older adults and their caregivers, and the development of a variety of approaches to financing and providing services across the full continuum of care, including primary, acute, in-home, community-based, and long-term services. As a result, case managers are located in hospitals, clinics, community agencies providing in-home services, Area Agencies on Aging, adult day care centers, and health maintenance organizations. Case managers may be employed in government programs, nonprofit community agencies, and for-profit service providers, or may be in private practice. They attempt to rationalize the system of care for older adults and their caregivers.

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