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K-12 Educator

Educators who teach children from kindergarten to 12th grade have many responsibilities. They must prepare lesson plans for all of their classes, tailoring their plans to the instructional backgrounds and abilities of the children in each class. Class sizes may range from twenty to thirty-five students, and a teacher may be assigned as many as six different classes. Thus, in addition to teaching, educators at this level must be skilled in classroom management, for they must often deal with behavioral problems and even act as surrogate parents for younger children.

Class preparation includes drafting lesson plans, writing and grading tests, evaluating homework, and sometimes purchasing classroom supplies with their own money. Teachers are held accountable for the success of their students, and are required to participate in professional development programs (courses or seminars) throughout their careers. Finally, they must maintain communication with the parents, participate in numerous educational and administrative activities, and sponsor student organizations such as the student council, sports teams, and school clubs.

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