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Assessment, Intervention, Stroke Rehabilitation, Hip Fracture Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is one of the basic elements of comprehensive geriatric care. Rehabilitation is indicated when someone is not functioning at their full potential. It involves an assessment of the underlying causes of activity limitation, treatment of the primary impairment to the extent possible, prevention of further disability, and interventions to promote adaptation of the person to their disability. The goal of geriatric rehabilitation is to maximize functional independence.

Rehabilitation in general, and geriatric rehabilitation in particular, is provided by an interdisciplinary team. The basic team consists of one (or more) occupational therapist, physiotherapist, physician, rehabilitation nurse, and social worker. Other disciplines that can be involved either as part of the core team, or on a consultation basis, include dietetics, pharmacy, psychology, recreational therapy, or speech-language pathology. A team that works well together, and whose members have an understanding of and respect for each other’s contributions and strengths, is integral to a successful rehabilitation program.

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