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Housing: Alternative Options - Mobile Homes

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According to the U.S. Census, over two million persons age sixty-five and older lived in manufactured housing. This housing alternative is an important source of affordable housing for older Americans. On the average, mobile homes cost less than $35,000; more than half of them are bought by middle-aged and younger persons who grow older in these homes.

According to the 1999 AARP survey of mobile homes, there are critical deficiencies in the construction of manufactured housing. Strict housing and safety standards have existed since 1974 but have not been enforced by HUD. The AARP survey found that 77 percent of homeowners reported problems with the construction or installation of their homes, and 57 percent reported more than one problem. Even though 95 percent of the homes were covered under warranty, only 35 percent of the deficiencies were repaired.

In spite of the ongoing problems mobile home owners encounter with maintaining their homes, 80 percent expressed high levels of satisfaction with their living arrangements, and they planned to age in place.

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