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Housing: Alternative Options - Aging In One's Own Home

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In 1994 there were 20.8 million U.S. households headed by older persons; 78 percent were homeowners and 22 percent were renters. Older males and married couples were more likely to be owners (86 percent) than were older females (67 percent). Home owners without mortgage payments spent 16 percent of their monthly incomes on housing in 1993, compared with 29 percent for those with mortgage payments. Owning a home provides by far the least expensive housing for most elderly, particularly for those whose homes are mortgage-free or close to being paid for. Staying in one's own home is the preferred alternative for the majority of older adults, provided that the neighborhood remains free of social and environmental deterioration.

Most of the recent literature referring to older community residents aging in place concentrates on the poor elderly who are low-income home owners, or renters, or who live in publicly subsidized housing. The greater number of older people who are aging in place do not fall into these categories, but live in diverse types of structures in varied physical settings. An emerging social policy aimed at helping older persons remain in their current housing as long as possible is a further component of the choice to age in place.

In order to meet the ever increasing needs of older persons who are aging in place, an array of community services developed during the 1980s and 1990s. The public sector invested huge amounts of funds to deliver health and social services to eligible community residents, and private, fee-for-service enterprises cater to those who can afford to pay.

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