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Dental Care - Factors Associated With Tooth Loss, Effect Of Total Tooth Loss, Problems With Complete Dentures, Prevention Of Tooth Loss

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A functional dentition—well-maintained and efficiently chewing teeth—is essential to good health and nutrition in the older adult. Demographic estimates indicate that by 2020, approximately 85 percent of adults over the age of sixty-five years will have retained some or all of their natural teeth (Douglass and Furino). By contrast, year 2020 projections suggest that nine million older adults will suffer from edentulism, the loss of all permanent teeth (Douglass and Furino). In general, individuals lose teeth as a result of trauma, tooth decay, or gum disease. The replacement of all permanent teeth is accomplished by the fabrication of complete dentures, prosthetic teeth that are fixed to plastic bases. The factors associated with tooth loss, the effect of total tooth loss, problems associated with complete dentures, and prevention of tooth loss are extremely relevant to the maintenance of good health and nutrition in the older adult.

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over 11 years ago

Why are dentists, psychiatrists and so forth unable to make the case to the insurance companies (for medical coverage) when medicines taken over a long period of time causes teeth to eventually be removed?

My wife diagnosed with bi-bolar since 1992 taking a variety of drugs over the years (causing drymouth) but prior to and subsequent to that always takes care of her teeth including flossing but in the end we are stuck with large bill because this is cosmetic to replace her teeth...are you serious?

Why don't dentists and other professionals related to tooth replacement agressively advocate on behalf of thier clients if this is a medical issue? It is in my spouse case but again to get any professional to assist in making the case is impossible.

It seems the economics of doing so in the long run (for you) would be beneficial if you advocate for the client. It seems the data is there but I do not know where all to get it to get blue cross to pay for my wife's teeth.

Thanks for listening.