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Day Hospitals - Reasons For Attendance At A Day Hospital

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The patients appreciate the interdisciplinary framework of a day hospital, which allows them to return to their own home the same day. The usual reason for admission is a complication of a chronic disease that has lead to a functional disability. A few persons are reluctant to come initially, preferring the security and comfort of their own home, but once they have become used to the staff and other patients, they are equally reluctant to leave! Older persons become deconditioned quickly after a serious illness or prolonged period of functional loss and as a result may have lost a considerable amount of muscle strength. They may be recovering from a stroke, an acute illness, a fractured hip, or have arthritis, or Parkinson's disease. For some reason they have become less independent and need physical therapy, adjustment of medications, and help in arranging their daily activities as efficiently as possible. Hypertension and diabetes are common conditions in day hospital patients. The staff of the day hospital spends much time educating the patients and families about the health problems and usually allows them a leading role in establishing the treatment goals. Once those goals have been met, the person is discharged from the day hospital.

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