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Health Care Coverage for Older People Canada - The Canada Health Act

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The Canada Health Act of 1984 added the principle of accessibility to the previous Medicare principles of universality, comprehensiveness, portability, and public administration. It created the potential for health professionals other than physicians to provide insured services. It also explicitly prohibited user fees by adding a penalty clause for violations by provinces in this area.

Although strongly opposed by physicians, the legislation was supported by the public, consumer groups, and the nursing profession.

The Canada Health Act incorporates five principles that reflect the fundamental values of the Canadian health care system These principles are:

  • • Universality. Health care services are available to all Canadians.
  • • Portability. All Canadians are insured even when they move from one province to another.
  • • Comprehensiveness. All medically necessary services are covered by public health care insurance.
  • • Accessibility. Barriers to the provision of health care, such as user charges, are discouraged, so that services are available to all Canadians regardless of their income.
  • • Public administration. Provincial health plans must be administered by a public agency on a nonprofit basis.

Private insurance is not allowed for insured services. The Canada Health Act does not, however, preclude private insurers from supplementing provincial health care insurance plans.

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