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DNA Repair - Future Directions

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In addition to the three critical DNA repair pathways already discussed (BER, NER, and MMR), there are two additional types of DNA repair: double-strand break repair and recombinational repair. These are both complex phenomena, and scientists' understanding of them is still at an early stage. Also, many questions about BER, NER, and MMR still await answers. For example, since DNA damage that escapes repair leads to deleterious alterations of our DNA, could we prevent mutation by increasing the levels of DNA repair proteins? Could we live longer and healthier lives with more or better DNA repair? How are DNA repair pathways regulated by the cell? Is there such a thing as too much DNA repair? If repairs always took place whenever DNA damage occurred, would there be no evolution? Exactly how do the proteins and enzymes involved in DNA repair accomplish their jobs? These and many other exciting lines of inquiry are in store for future investigators.

Samuel E. Bennett

and Dale Mosbaugh


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DNA crosslinks also interfere with another vital cellular process: transcription of genes by RNA polymerase.

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