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Adult Day Care - Goals Of The Adult Day Program

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The adult day center setting offers stimulation and growth for participants with impairments while providing respite for families and caregivers. Based on these premises, the NADSA Standards (revised 1997) establish the following goals for adult day centers:

  • • Promote the individual's maximum level of independence.
  • • Maintain the individual's present level of functioning as long as possible, preventing or delaying further deterioration.
  • • Restore and rehabilitate the individual to the highest possible level of functioning.
  • • Provide support, respite, and education for families and other caregivers.
  • • Foster socialization and peer interaction.
  • • Serve as an integral part of the community service network and the long-term care continuum.

These overall goals are coupled with each participant's individual plan of care to maintain an optimal level of physical and mental health.

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