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Medicaid - Medicaid's Impact

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Medicaid supplemental assistance makes a difference in the lives of the elderly people enrolled in the program. Problems in getting medical care are often tied to financial barriers: If people cannot afford to pay their share for services, they often delay or avoid seeking care, which ultimately compromises their health status and results in greater suffering and mortality. Medicaid coverage helps remove financial barriers to care and substantially improves access to health care for Medicare beneficiaries. Despite their greater health care needs, dual eligibles are much more likely than beneficiaries without any supplemental coverage (Medicare only) to have regular check-ups and to obtain care in a timely manner (see Figure 4). People who receive both Medicare and Medicaid are also more likely to have a usual source of care than are those who have no supplemental coverage, an indicator that Medicaid helps people gain entry into the primary health care system and receive basic health services.

Dual eligibles also have lower out-of-pocket spending than other beneficiaries, spending four to five times less of their income on health care than the average Medicare beneficiary (see Figure 5). While other types of supplemental insurance may also moderate Medicare beneficiaries' out-of-pocket costs, people receiving Medicaid assistance are in the lowest income group, but they also spend far less of their income on medical care.

Figure 4 Access to Care for Medicare Beneficiaries,* 1999 SOURCE: Barents Group of KPMG Consulting analysis of the 1999 Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey.

NOTE: *Community residents only.

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